These are our picks for the top 10 worst--yet somehow popular--websites on the internet! And before we get too far, yes, the banner for this page is ironically ugly.

10. Funny Junk

We chose to kick off our list with Funny Junk, because while it's certainly not the worst website, a lot of its content seems to be submitted by middle schoolers.

9. Stupid Videos

As you'll see, websites that cater to middle schoolers is a common theme in this article. This is why we chose to include Stupid Videos. Many of its videos are simply of people doing stupid things that makes the middle schooler in us laugh.

8. Quick Meme

QuickMeme used to be a fun, easy way to create and share memes. Unfortunately, the creators of QuickMeme decided to abuse reddit's voting system for their own benefit.

7. Tumblr

Okay, so yeah, we may have listed this in our top 10 social networking sites. But just because it's popular doesn't mean that its content is any good! Many of the posts on tumblr are either reposts, or comments about how a post hurt their fee-fees. Ultimately, unless you like seeing stuff you've seen before, and comments about why it's offensive, tumblr probably isn't the site for you.

6. Google+

Google+ is that social networking site that Google has been trying to force on you for the past few years. Although the site itself isn't terrible, the fact that an account was required to leave YouTube comments has upset many users. Aside from the fact that it was forced on us, Google+ is nearly barren. When you don't have any friends posting on a social networking site, there's not much social activity going on, rendering Google+ virtually useless.

5. MySpace

Back in middle school, everyone and their dog had a MySpace page. Weird Al even sang about it. But then, Facebook was introduced, and MySpace was deserted. Few dare to venture back to see their cringeworthy posts from 2007.

4. eBaum's World

Nearly everyone remembers visiting eBaum's World in middle school. Like many other things we liked in middle school, eBaum's World simply didn't stand the test of time.

3. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has some interesting content. Unfortunately, it's all stolen from other sites without giving due credit. On top of that, a lot of content is usless quizzes about "What kind of tree would you be?!?" or articles that are in slideshow format. No one likes slideshow articles, BuzzFeed. Stop it.

2. 9gag

Similar to Buzzfeed, 9gag enjoys stealing content without giving credit. However, unlike buzzfeed, 9gag also has an annoying habit of ruining the orignal joke when reposting content.


From day one, had major problems. From its lack of user friendliness to its complete lack of functionality, has become not only a major flop, but the laughingstock of the internet.

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